The Proposal

From Melyssa’s Eyes

I was convinced there was an 80% chance that it would happen on our trip to Vermont that was planned for the last weekend in July. I thought I am never wrong – until 7/11/15 happened 😉11191220_1135196756496788_1470878287_n

July 11th was the only scheduled weekend we would be in Chatham (we visit our families often) before heading to Vermont so I wanted to do some fun outdoor activity that reminded me of my roots in Upstate New York. We decided on peach picking. Awesome!

We stayed up late meeting our neighbors the night before. This led to a very late start on Saturday and a Melyssa who was VERY worried she wouldn’t get to pick some peaches. Finally we headed over to the farm between 3:30-4pm. The farm allows the last people out to pick at 5pm, so we were in speed mode.

Driving along, everything was gorgeous, colorful, alive – a stark contrast to NYC, where I was working at the time. I was enjoying the drive when we spotted a Melick’s Farm sign. We stopped in, it was their satellite farm, more like a farm stand. I was growing even more anxious we wouldn’t get our peaches. We continued on and our directions led us down a rural residential street. “You’ve arrived at your destination!” Siri exclaimed as we  pulled up to a family reunion.

“I don’t think this is the farm.” I told Michael. We headed back to the main road and started going further west. After a few miles I was beginning to lose hope and pulled over to get specific directions from the business via phone.

“We will go home if we can’t find it this time,” I told Michael. A few minutes later we arrived and I was SO happy! There were goats, a farm stand, a field, and beautiful picturesque clouds. It was a top 10 day for weather for the year: pure bliss. We JUST made it. We got little baskets to take to the orchard with us down past a cute country house where a young boy was playing outside.

With the smell of peaches, the clouds, and my favorite company I was already feeling a lot of gratitude. A cute little couple came walking out from behind some trees and left the orchard. We were now alone, Michael’s tardiness was good for something! We both kept commenting on and inhaling the fumes of the peach orchard-a pleasantly overpowering experience. 

For the month of July I was participating in a yoga/Instagram challenge with Powerflow Yoga, where they pick a pose every day and you instagram yourself doing that pose for a free month of yoga in August. What better place to take a picture for that than a peach orchard?

11356560_1607272766204174_1402045311_nAfter the picture was taken (warrior 3 pose) we sauntered through the line of trees. I thought we were still looking for the best peaches. Michael showers me with love everyday and he began doing so, I thought because it was a beautiful place and he was just enjoying himself. I was smiling and enjoying the serenade AND THEN his knee went down, a ring came out, and Michael asked me to marry him!

I started crying immediately, said YES, and went between crying and saying “I can’t breathe,” and “I’m so happy,” and “I love you,” for 15 minutes. My constant beaming smile didn’t go away for over a week! We picked a few peaches on our way out, but I needed to sit down because my legs were jello. I communicated with the goats on the way out because I still could barely form words.

We listened to some great albums that just leaked on our way home: Beach House, Mac Demarco, and Tame Impala.

We enjoyed the most heavenly peach cobbler that night & a few very special beers!